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Re: Johnny Mac: Fed, Djokovic should let emotions out

Originally Posted by Johnny Groove View Post
Fed is definitely more pissy now than in 04-07 for example.

More often you will hear "Oi!" or grunts of disgust at another shanked backhand, or a yell here or there. And when is "calm", you can even sense on his face that he is fuming underneath.

Djokovic, even in 2011-2012, I am still seeing anger, points of disgust, yelling after missed shots, destroying a bench at the RG final, etc.

Does McEnroe want them to do what he did where every call is a cinema trying to influence the linesperson to change his call? Does Mac want them to berate themselves like Murray? Borg's book, Bjorn says when he was playing, he was calm outer, but he was absolutely destroying things inside.
Exactly. It's not like Nole doesn't let his emotions out.
For me as a spectator I prefer to see their emotions, to feel empathy with them and what they're going through. That's one of the reasons I don't connect with Federer as a player. He has a poker face. I don't like that. He hardly ever releases any emotion, though lately as he gets older he seems to let it all out a bit more. That makes him human and more likeable I think.
I get what McEnroe says, but unfortunately controlling your emotions in today's game is vital to have some sort of success as it is such a mental and hard sport. I understand why Nole has controlled himself better, though he was more fun to watch back in 2007-08 when he would explode often or get angry, etc. You still can see a lot of it in some of his matches, though surprisingly not the crucial historic ones. He knows in these kind of matches he needs to show nothing to the rival and control his emotions better.

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