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Re: Motivation for Tests/ Papers. For all Uni/College/Highschool students.

Originally Posted by Kowchi View Post
As long as you are applying to non math/science degree you should be ok. Because 740/790 is pretty amazing! Given 3.0 gpa could be better; but you got the SAT scores which help.

I think in the category list of Yes/No; you will be in the most likely/maybe category

It goes- Great gpa/great SAT/ACT- Yes
Great GPA/ prett good SAT- 80% yes
3.5 gpa/mediocre SAT- probably maybe
average gpa 3.0/ good SAT probably maybe. it will help if you got a goodish essay, plus extracurricular activities.
Average gpa/average SAT- this is when they probably look at extracurricular and more deeply at your essay's.

It seems you will be ok, but if you get a letter saying please send in an updated transcript, you are on the fence. That happened with me, but thankfully I got in.

I pretty much just met the requirements of the school, so it was kinda iffy there. But I had the extracurricular activities to boot/ being an Eagle Scout.

Also make sure you apply to at least 4 schools and don't do it last minute!
1. Favorite/Hardest school
2. Kind of on par with favorite school
3. Easier school
4. Some local community college

-This is just to ensure you have plans A,B,C,D just in case. Because some college, is better then no college.
I have pretty much 0 extracirricular activities other than starting for tennis team every year. Though I did go to CTY (Center for Talented Youth, which I qualified for in 1 category by 1 point), which should help

Planned major is political science, maybe minor in creative writing/english where a writing course isn't offered
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