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Johnny Mac: Fed, Djokovic should let emotions out

very interesting. I personally prefer both Fed and Nole not showing any emotions and staying cool, winning or losing. Both young Nole and young Fed used to have tantrums, but all of that is gone long time ago. What do you guys think? Emotions or not?

anyway, here is the article. source

John McEnroe tells the Daily Telegraph that he’d like to see Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic release their emotions more while playing.

“I think these guys handle themselves unbelievably well,” McEnroe said. “I don’t know how they have this incredible control. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I had the same control they did, and to some degree I wish they’d let it out a bit more. They’ll probably have ulcers when they’re 35. I don’t know how they can shrug it off. Maybe they look at their bank balances at the end of the year and that helps.”

McEnroe added that he now gets along better with his former archrival, Ivan Lendl, who currently coaches Andy Murray.

“It was like when Rocky fought Ivan Drago in Rocky IV – the American versus the machine; to me it felt a bit like that,” McEnroe said. “We definitely saw, and see, things very differently. We can sort of laugh about it now, I think. It’s not the same as then, when we did want to wring each other’s neck.

“I don’t think Ivan’s any different now than he was then. The good thing is that I was good enough not to have to listen to his jokes, whereas other guys felt they had to pay their respects, in a way; there’s a hierarchy in any sport. I’d think, Thank God I don’t have to listen to this! But he still does it now. It’s amazing.”
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