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Re: ***Countdown to 2012 Doomsday.....will it happen?

Originally Posted by viruzzz View Post
Kat, I laugh a lot about hoaxes, you know i'm a pretty funny person, but sometimes I get a little serious on these things. It's pretty difficult to see things in a natural way when you have one of your friends hugging you and crying she's scared.
Her family was... ummm, a little serious about this, you know...

Don't get me wrong, darling, I have no problems with this thread, and my post wasn't about this thread in particular . I undestand you and i'm really okay with your point of view, I'd love if everyone could take it that way!
It was about the whole situation people created over the thing, it kinda pisses me off

well, to tell you the truth, I won't be surprised if, on Dec 22, we see news reports of mass suicides like Jonestown and the Heaven's Gate cult. But it won't be because this doomsday prediction was particularly powerful -- it'll be because throughout history there are always a group of people who want to believe in such things. If it wasn't over this theory, it would've been something else.

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