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Re: 2012 MTF Top 10 Favourite Active Players (9th update in #514)

eden, it's high time you developed an app or something

e.g. one basket with all players, with dynamic filter to find your picks easily, second basket to order up to 10 players, and a formula to add points to each players tally.
The player list can be scraped off the ATP site.
Would actually be a marketable app for mobile and pad (ads).

The People Who Brought You the Annual "Going Out of Business" Sale

20-something girl: So, I guess we are now officially corporate hos.
30-something man: Yeah, so now you have to learn to play tennis.
Girl passerby: What does that have to do with anything?
20-something girl: Then we can be corporate hos and tennis pros -- duh.
30-something man: We should do commercials... Why don't we work for an ad agency?!

--59th & Lex
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