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Finals are probably coming up around the world right now, so this is motivation for all you with stressful tests and papers to do

1. You are an amazing human being with great qualities.
2. You know you have the knowledge to do well.
3. People are starving right now and you are stressing over tests? Study and relax , things could be worse.
4. Structure your time well! 1 hour to 2 of studying; 30 minutes of break. DON'T go over 30 minutes, control yourself .
5. This is but one thing in your life. Remember to focus on the present and what you are doing, right now.
6. Get in the zone and amazing things will happen.
7. Try to make learning enjoyable, use mnemonic devices, note cards, test yourself, group studying!
8. If you are done reading this list and should be studying/writing, then click the red X and get back to studying!

You can do it... sincerely your supporter Kowchi.

Slade's good advice XD

You are a warrior.
Your goals are your prey, and your mind is a sword. Your sword is unyielding, unbreakable, invincible and can slice through even the toughest of metals.

Exams are nothing. You should go all-out, do 5 hours work without breaks, focus your mind to the task at hand and do not waver good sir. Show no mercy.

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