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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest 2nd Round Bottom Half

(2) Punky vs. Burrow - Don't know much about her but she seems nice
(63) Naudio Spanlatine vs. habibko - Rafa fan
(31) IncrediBale vs. Bad Gambler - Nice guy, he told me himself
(34) Thanos vs. Uxyzapenje - Tough one, both seem nice, went with Thanos

(15) 156mphserve vs. Sjengster - Haven't seen much of this guy either, hope we have a good match
(50) Chase Visa vs. Alex999 - I like Vista, but I like Alex too. Went with the Canadian
(18) arm vs. Minn - Like Minn but arm is great, vot for me when I face arm
(47) Lopez vs. Dini - Don't really know Dini

(7) viruzzz vs. Andrijagajic - Viruzzz is funny, Andrija is inactive
(58) Sapeod vs. Looner - I've asked 720 questions for Sapeod in his Q&A which thus far are unanswered
(26) Topspindoctor vs. Clydey - I like his beaver avatar
(39) masterclass vs. Motorhead - both seem nice. Motorhead wins because he doesn't end all his posts with respectfully, motorhead

(10) leng jai vs. redshift36188 - leng will win, so I'm gonna vote for my DCC friend redshift while I still can
(55) Gaitare vs. Peta Pan - TT vote
(23) Chirag vs. GOATsol - kingiskingfineon is great. Chirag is too
(42)clashcityrocker vs. ibreak4coffee - I expect this one to be very close. It was close for my vote. Lurker vs. my DTT partner. Had to go for coffee here, hope clash doesn't mind

(3) Nole Fan vs. Bashkatik - Nole fan vs. Milos hater, no contest
(62) Cheeky Chick vs. Har-Tru - Go Cheeky Go!!!
(30) Voo de Mar vs. barbadosan - Statsman Ftw
(35) Certinfy vs. Sombrero loco - He likes Milos which is cool

(14) Orka_N vs. Snowwy - Gotta vote for the canuck here
(51) samanosuke vs. AdeyC - Samanosuke will probably win, AdeyC is nice though, awesome TT manager, gotta make it close if I can
(19) Deathless Mortal vs. Marto - Tough one here, both seem really awesome. Giving my vote to DM though because he's been in this from the start
(46) Lee vs. Evita - Another tough one, Evita has done so much for TT but Lee is great, have to give her my vote

(6) The Bulldog vs. Fed_ds - Don't know the opponent, and Bulldog is awesome, easy choice
(59) Sophitia36 vs. l_mac - Any Ferrer fan deserves my vote with all the crap Lenders has stirred up
(27) Eden vs. Thunderfish8 - Eden seems nice but I know Thunderfish from another forum
(38) Goldenoldie vs. NYCTennisFan - TT vote

(11) Pirata vs. Tomek. - Both seem like good people, but Tomek is fairly inactive except in TT, vote goes to Pirata.
(54) Filo V. vs. Pratik - A vote against Filo is a vote for Sanity. Plus Pratik is awesome too
(22) BroTree123 vs. StatRacket - BroTree seems nice apart from his Topspindoctor following/double accounting. But Staracket is in training to take over for Voo when he quits or leaves. Vote has to go to Statracket
(43) fast_clay vs. Jverweij - I don't know either very well. Jverweij voted for me so I'll go with him

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