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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest 2nd Round Bottom Half

(2) Punky vs. Burrow. I have no things but good words for Burrow, but Amber is cuteness overload.
(63) Naudio Spanlatine vs. habibko. I'd give other people the chance to choose the fate of this match here. I love Dee and I enjoy Habibko in FedForum. Tie.
(31) IncrediBale vs. Bad Gambler. One of the most difficult choices to make. Bad Gambler is a great user but IncrediBale is a big threat to everyone.
(34) Thanos vs. Uxyzapenje

(15) 156mphserve vs. Sjengster. A cool vote to my fellow canadian mate. Keep it up
(50) Chase Visa vs. Alex999. Sorry Chase, no bad feelings here, just the awesomeness of Alex this year.
(18) arm vs. Minn
(47) Lopez vs. Dini

(7) viruzzz vs. Andrijagajic. As I said before, I won't vote in my matches. Even in my birthday.
(58) Sapeod vs. Looner. Sorry Sapo, you're cool and I'll vote for you in many matches, but here, Looner had an amazing 2012, he could be acid and powerful.
(26) Topspindoctor vs. Clydey. Obvious reasons. The Doc is a legend.
(39) masterclass vs. Motorhead

(10) leng jai vs. redshift36188. The dark horse, the best user in the first half of 2012.
(55) Gaitare vs. Peta Pan. I vote for Peta Pan because she was the one who banned me in 2010. Now I have to seduce her so she can love me.
(23) Chirag vs. GOATsol. Sorry Chirag, I have only good things to say about you, but Goatsol is cool and sweet (and sometimes spicy and agressive).
(42)clashcityrocker vs. ibreak4coffee. Great users both, tie.

(3) Nole Fan vs. Bashkatik. Djokovic in 2. (Sorry Bash, I usually support you)
(62) Cheeky Chick vs. Har-Tru
(30) Voo de Mar vs. barbadosan. Another tie here. I think Voo deserves my vote for what I did last round, but Barbadosan is an amazing user, one of the best things FedForum has.
(35) Certinfy vs. Sombrero loco

(14) Orka_N vs. Snowwy
(51) samanosuke vs. AdeyC. If Samano and Orka face each other in the next round, it'd be an epic classic.
(19) Deathless Mortal vs. Marto
(46) Lee vs. Evita.

(6) The Bulldog vs. Fed_ds. Sorry Fed_ds . I really enjoy your posts, but Bulldog is in his peak level of power. Reading him is a great feeling.
(59) Sophitia36 vs. l_mac
(27) Eden vs. Thunderfish8. Doooooris
(38) Goldenoldie vs. NYCTennisFan

(11) Pirata vs. Tomek. I think I said enough words about her. <3
(54) Filo V. vs. Pratik. We miss you, dude.
(22) BroTree123 vs. StatRacket. Keep it up, mate. Sorry StatRacket, you're a great user, but I won't vote against my bro here.
(43) fast_clay vs. Jverweij

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