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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest 2nd Round Top Half

Edit: Meh, too late. Might as well keep the post though.

(1) tripwires vs. Tulipe - Ah, Tulipe is my friend as well but have to go with my fb pal here.
(64) Keech vs. savesthedizzle - No vote, like both.
(32) acionescu vs. August - Such a solid poster.
(33) Sham Kay vs. bandtree - No vote again, both good

(16) Maria_V vs. orangehat - same as above
(49) Taejin vs. Asmazif - But Azma should go through as well.
(17) Sunset of Age vs. Ray the Ruler - Don't know Ray, Karin and I go way back
(48) Sophocles vs. Carlita - Never see Carlita post nowadays. Soph is a sharp guy.

(8) Sonja1989 vs. J99 - Very nice guy.
(57) Orange Wombat vs. MalwareDie - Sorry Wombat. but Malware and I have history
(25) Mateya vs. Commander Data - Data is one of the more stable Fedfans and deserves credit but Mateya is truly one of a kind
(40) Rocketassist vs. Jimnik - Both good but know rocket a bit better

(9) Corey Feldman vs. Yolita - Like both but Yolita needs the vote here I think
(56) Gustavo Kuerten vs. KoOlMaNsEaN - Know him better
(24) Litotes vs. ExcaliburII - Again a close one. Hate having to vote against someone who's posts I enjoy reading
(41) Arkulari vs. Jelena - Same here, both great

(4) Kat_YYZ vs. Elister - Kat is a pearl.
(61) boarder35m vs. ilovetheblues_86 - Both good, no vote.
(29) tennizen vs. <Eve> - Close one. Like both.
(36) Clay Death vs. Smoke944 - Smoke is a great poster.

(13) Nole Rules vs. Start da Game - SdG had his charm actually but Nole Rules is clearly the better poster here (even though we don't often agree on things)
(52) Cobalt60 vs. star - Sue! Hope she goes far in this tournament. One of the mtf posters (though she doesn't post much anymore) that I look up to.
(20) GSMNadal vs. selyoink - We had some good times in the past.
(45) hat_boy vs. Gavnich77 - Don't know Gavnich, hat__boy is a good poster

(5) Hewitt=Legend vs. Ash86 - Hilarious guy and pretty knowledgeable about tennis too, a rarity
(60) TigerTim vs. JayR
(28) Mark Lenders vs. Tonkie13
(37) Freak3yman84 vs. Seingeist - Reading his posts are soothing because of his excellent use of the english language. He is also a very good guy.

(12) Johnny Groove vs. TMJordan - Sorry Jordan old sport.
(53) djokovicgonzalez vs. BauerAlmeida - We go way back actually if I think about it.
(21) mimi vs. Ivanatis
(44) gagsquet vs. finishingmove

Tea of truth:
Originally Posted by JimmyV View Post
We should be appreciative of Federer though, because we will never see anything like him again. The fact he can still compete for slams ever after the erosion of his physical skills is really a greater testament to the natural talent he has than the period of time when he was dominating the tour.
Nadaltards in 2014:
Originally Posted by Allez View Post
Nadal is by far the most naturally talented player of all time and that is the reason his stay at the top is a lot longer than players like Federer etc were able to do.
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