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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest 2nd Round Top Half

I said I'd give reasons for my voting earlier so here goes

(1) tripwires vs. Tulipe - Gotta vote for trip, keep on moving on
(64) Keech vs. savesthedizzle - I like Jess, but I know Keech more, and introduced her to this forum. Vote has to go to her.
(32) acionescu vs. August - Both seem nice, August nominated me and has voted for me so he gets the tiebreaker
(33) Sham Kay vs. bandtree - Another tough one. bandtree is my fellow Newfie, probably the only other one here. But Sham is inventer of the Lurkers, can't go against that. Sham will win anyway

(16) Maria_V vs. orangehat - TT vote
(49) Taejin vs. Asmazif - Again don't know either all that well. Went with my gut
(17) Sunset of Age vs. Ray the Ruler - Other poster is nice, and will win. Ray I know from another forum, huge Cilic fan
(48) Sophocles vs. Carlita - Carlita is nice. Sophocles is nice too. Coin flip type of match

(8) Sonja1989 vs. J99 - Sonja will win, KNow J99 from another forum so gave him the vote here while I had the chance
(57) Orange Wombat vs. MalwareDie - Don't really care here, Wombat wanted ACC votes, but seems to have toned it down again so here's my vote
(25) Mateya vs. Commander Data - Mateya is one of the better MTFers. Data doesn't post in GM much, vote goes to Mateya
(40) Rocketassist vs. Jimnik - Again almost a coin flip. rocketassist argued with Filo so he gets ot on that tiebreaker

(9) Corey Feldman vs. Yolita - Feldman will win. Voting for my DCCer Yolita
(56) Gustavo Kuerten vs. KoOlMaNsEaN - Gotta vote for my fellow Canuck here
(24) Litotes vs. ExcaliburII - Litotes seems like a great poster. Know Excalibur from TT but he's not all that active elsewhere.
(41) Arkulari vs. Jelena - Counting thread

(4) Kat_YYZ vs. Elister - Met her at Rogers Cup
(61) boarder35m vs. ilovetheblues_86 - Alex plays a lot of the games, seems quite nice too. Vote goes to him
(29) tennizen vs. <Eve> - Don't know tennizen much, know eve from TT.
(36) Clay Death vs. Smoke944 - Clay Death is banned, Smoke actually contributes to the forum, no brainer here

(13) Nole Rules vs. Start da Game - See above
(52) Cobalt60 vs. star - don't know much about either of these. I think they're both girls, forgive me if I'm wrong. Voted for the underdog
(20) GSMNadal vs. selyoink - GSM seems reasonable sometimes, don't know much about the other guy
(45) hat_boy vs. Gavnich77 - TT ranking , hope hat_boy will forgive me, he gets my vote next time if he goes through

(5) Hewitt=Legend vs. Ash86 - Go Andrey!!!
(60) TigerTim vs. JayR - Voted for Keech 3 times in 2 rounds
(28) Mark Lenders vs. Tonkie13 - Lenders will win sadly, Tonkie is nice but never posts
(37) Freak3yman84 vs. Seingeist - He's annoying but whatever, here's my vote

(12) Johnny Groove vs. TMJordan - Deserves a few votes for running this thing
(53) djokovicgonzalez vs. BauerAlmeida - sems pretty nice, opponent votes against me
(21) mimi vs. Ivanatis - Don't know the opponent that well, I assume she's mainly in chat threads?
(44) gagsquet vs. finishingmove - Other poster is banned, Arsen is nice.

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