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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest 2nd Round Top Half

(1) tripwires vs. Tulipe Funnily enough we nominated each other for ACC, but since then we have made up and I respect her.
(64) Keech vs. savesthedizzle Djoko fan always gets my vote
(32) acionescu vs. August
(33) Sham Kay vs. bandtree

(16) Maria_V vs. orangehat I really like Maria V the best of the bunch from rafachat
(49) Taejin vs. Asmazif Great poster, though Asmazif is another great one, but have more relation with Taejin
(17) Sunset of Age vs. Ray the Ruler
(48) Sophocles vs. Carlita One of my favorite posters on this site

(8) Sonja1989 vs. J99 Sweetest girl in the world
(57) Orange Wombat vs. MalwareDie
(25) Mateya vs. Commander Data Sorry Tom, but you've been really naughty this year
(40) Rocketassist vs. Jimnik My buddy

(9) Corey Feldman vs. Yolita Really tough one as Yolita is a perfect poster and I enjoy reading her mature and insightful posts, but I'm loyal to Mikey
(56) Gustavo Kuerten vs. KoOlMaNsEaN
(24) Litotes vs. ExcaliburII
(41) Arkulari vs. Jelena

(4) Kat_YYZ vs. Elister I like Elister, but I know Kat longer
(61) boarder35m vs. ilovetheblues_86
(29) tennizen vs. <Eve> I like both but Eve is no longer posting
(36) Clay Death vs. Smoke944 I miss you big man

(13) Nole Rules vs. Start da Game SdG no longer here, so...
(52) Cobalt60 vs. star A person I respect deeply
(20) GSMNadal vs. selyoink My fave rafafan
(45) hat_boy vs. Gavnich77

(5) Hewitt=Legend vs. Ash86 Bogan takes the title
(60) TigerTim vs. JayR
(28) Mark Lenders vs. Tonkie13
(37) Freak3yman84 vs. Seingeist Brightest guy in MTF

(12) Johnny Groove vs. TMJordan
(53) djokovicgonzalez vs. BauerAlmeida
(21) mimi vs. Ivanatis
(44) gagsquet vs. finishingmove

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