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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest 2nd Round Bottom Half

(2) Punky vs. Burrow
(63) Naudio Spanlatine vs. habibko
(31) IncrediBale vs. Bad Gambler
(34) Thanos vs. Uxyzapenje

(15) 156mphserve vs. Sjengster
(50) Chase Visa vs. Alex999 I like Alex, but I interact more with Chase Visa.
(18) arm vs. Minn My MTF buddy
(47) Lopez vs. Dini

(7) viruzzz vs. Andrijagajic Love to hate him.
(58) Sapeod vs. Looner
(26) Topspindoctor vs. Clydey
(39) masterclass vs. Motorhead

(10) leng jai vs. redshift36188 Where the hell is he anyway?
(55) Gaitare vs. Peta Pan Solid poster
(23) Chirag vs. GOATsol Solid poster
(42)clashcityrocker vs. ibreak4coffee Music connoisseur

(3) Nole Fan vs. Bashkatik
(62) Cheeky Chick vs. Har-Tru
(30) Voo de Mar vs. barbadosan
(35) Certinfy vs. Sombrero loco Jase

(14) Orka_N vs. Snowwy
(51) samanosuke vs. AdeyC Another one I love to hate
(19) Deathless Mortal vs. Marto
(46) Lee vs. Evita One of the brightest and kindest posters here.

(6) The Bulldog vs. Fed_ds With a name like that you can't go wrong.
(59) Sophitia36 vs. l_mac Sweet lady vs. Sour lady
(27) Eden vs. Thunderfish8 Gentle and magnanimous, despite being a fedfan
(38) Goldenoldie vs. NYCTennisFan

(11) Pirata vs. Tomek. One of my fave fedfans
(54) Filo V. vs. Pratik
(22) BroTree123 vs. StatRacket
(43) fast_clay vs. Jverweij Sorry Jverweij, you're a great poster and a very nice person, but I know Fast_Clay from longer, plus we are facebook buddies.

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