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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest 2nd Round Bottom Half

(2) Punky vs. Burrow Amby Wamby Damby
(63) Naudio Spanlatine vs. habibko Mah black soul sista.
(31) IncrediBale vs. Bad Gambler My homeboy Dom.
(34) Thanos vs. Uxyzapenje Both are good posters and good persons but Thanos ALWAYS supported me.

(15) 156mphserve vs. Sjengster
(50) Chase Visa vs. Alex999
(18) arm vs. Minn
(47) Lopez vs. Dini

(7) viruzzz vs. Andrijagajic
(58) Sapeod vs. Looner Looney boy and me fight a lot, but when he is against annoying brat
he gets the vote.
(26) Topspindoctor vs. Clydey Topspinny is a cool cat.
(39) masterclass vs. Motorhead Has a good sense of humor.

(10) leng jai vs. redshift36188
(55) Gaitare vs. Peta Pan
(23) Chirag vs. GOATsol She deserved the vote this time.
(42)clashcityrocker vs. ibreak4coffee

(3) Nole Fan vs. Bashkatik Beauty vs little I-suck-at-predictions-beyond-belief Fedtrad , the vote goes to the beauty.
(62) Cheeky Chick vs. Har-Tru
(30) Voo de Mar vs. barbadosan No vote for the old man.
(35) Certinfy vs. Sombrero loco Jason, of course.

(14) Orka_N vs. Snowwy Always against Dork_an
(51) samanosuke vs. AdeyC samo's run should end here.
(19) Deathless Mortal vs. Marto Domagoj is a great guy and my friend
(46) Lee vs. Evita

(6) The Bulldog vs. Fed_ds George gets on my tits sometimes, but he's the member of the Castle.
(59) Sophitia36 vs. l_mac
(27) Eden vs. Thunderfish8
(38) Goldenoldie vs. NYCTennisFan

(11) Pirata vs. Tomek. No explanation needed.
(54) Filo V. vs. Pratik I never forget.
(22) BroTree123 vs. StatRacket
(43) fast_clay vs. Jverweij
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