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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest 2nd Round Bottom Half

(2) Punky vs. Burrow - a very welcoming, compassionate and caring woman. Never a dull moment with her.
(63) Naudio Spanlatine vs. habibko - a woman whose very honest and open, and fiery too. Decent taste in music as well. Great fun to have around. Ohhhh sometimes...
(31) IncrediBale vs. Bad Gambler
(34) Thanos vs. Uxyzapenje - fun to have around as well.

(15) 156mphserve vs. Sjengster - fun as well.
(50) Chase Visa vs. Alex999
(18) arm vs. Minn
(47) Lopez vs. Dini - extremely tough choice. My first coin toss for this competition. Both are an attractive bunch, and both have a strong passion for food

(7) viruzzz vs. Andrijagajic - my home dawg. He has every right to be called a legend.
(58) Sapeod vs. Looner - a shy dude when you look past his Fedtroll posts.
(26) Topspindoctor vs. Clydey - another one of my homies. A fucking legend in his own right.
(39) masterclass vs. Motorhead - insightful

(10) leng jai vs. redshift36188
(55) Gaitare vs. Peta Pan
(23) Chirag vs. GOATsol
(42)clashcityrocker vs. ibreak4coffee

(3) Nole Fan vs. Bashkatik - outside of all this MTF/trolling kerfuffle, she is an open, honest, successful, inspiring woman. Very, very underrated here when you look past those troll posts which are for fun.
(62) Cheeky Chick vs. Har-Tru
(30) Voo de Mar vs. barbadosan
(35) Certinfy vs. Sombrero loco - the dude with all those pics of his fav tennis players. Cool stuff.

(14) Orka_N vs. Snowwy
(51) samanosuke vs. AdeyC
(19) Deathless Mortal vs. Marto - an attractive, handsome bloke whose passionate and caring, as well as having a witty sense of humour. He can go far, not just in this competition, but in life in general.
(46) Lee vs. Evita - adorable dog.

(6) The Bulldog vs. Fed_ds - decent bloke.
(59) Sophitia36 vs. l_mac
(27) Eden vs. Thunderfish8
(38) Goldenoldie vs. NYCTennisFan

(11) Pirata vs. Tomek.
(54) Filo V. vs. Pratik
(22) BroTree123 vs. StatRacket - letting the others decide here. StatRacket's a good bloke as well with plenty of character to spare; so this is a pretty rough match up for a second round match.
(43) fast_clay vs. Jverweij

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I've played the game for close to 10 years. This should come as no surprise to many.

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