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Re: Do you believe in Asexuality?

Originally Posted by Punky View Post
thank u (again) i think i will try evetything u and everyone said.

i will Translate it (thank u gg) and let her read b/c their meeting on the weekend.

one think i learn, when i couple look so happy and full of joy, it sometimes a way to hide great sorrow.

ppl should talk more, esp about things that hurt then and now my Ex look so great in my eyes..
No problem, glad to be of some help. You can't really solve their problems for them, no one can, but I guess you can help/encourage them to be more honest with each other, which goes a long way towards solving things.

Agree that people should talk more, no relationship or friendship can survive if people aren't open and honest with each other. Trust and honestly are usually the foundations of any successful relationship.

Sorry about your ex btw
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