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Re: Gimpy vLove Shack vol. 3: Cool young Brits hub + their bros.

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
Um I don't know. I'm excited to see them in a bigger venue this time though.
That's really not very helpful. I would consider coming if I knew when tickets went on sale. :rolleyes

Me too. How do I get tickets? Normal or ballot?
I think one merely books them online. It's not that popular an event. The same cannot be said for Queen's. A tournament I detest.

I don't know why you don't believe me. I have been so honest this whole time.
The reason I don't believe you is because they truly are shit. You'd have to have a poor sense of humour not to laugh at them.

I would form an opinion, but I wouldn't be judgemental. A lot of people have told me a lot of weird things over the years and I'm still friends with them. Only exception is my ex but that's because he's an asshole anyway.
Oh, they aren't weird like that!

The problem was that the person wasn't a Facebook friend, which is why the message got sent to that 'other' folder. I have 600ish but that's not really a lot considering I know people with over 1000 friends... Do you not use Facebook much?
Silly you, then.

I don't use it all that much. Maybe check it once a day, but nothing more. I do use it to message people if I want something dine, or to do something, however.
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