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Re: Gangnam style is the most viewed song on Youtube!

Originally Posted by arm View Post
You said the following: "It's Glee, some of the most artificial television ever created." This obviously has a pejorative tone.
You took fifteen minutes, and that was the best you could come up with? Yes, it has a negative tone, but towards Glee. I thought that was the basis of this debate?

So you think. Did you dare consider the possibility other people may disagree with you? Clearly a lot of people do. So why should your opinion be the one that stands?
Don't give me that 'my opinion matters just as much as yours' nonsense. If someone says to me Djokovic is a terrible tennis player, does their opinion on the matter have as much bearing as my own? No. Same applies here. It doesn't take a wise man to realise that this is some of the most superficial, silly and downright stupid television to have graced our screens.

In my opinion, acting isn't awful. Some actors are better than others, some are actually pretty great while others are borderline terrible. I have a similar opinion about the covers.
Go and watch some proper television, with proper actors and actresses who act properly. Then come back and tell me that the acting isn't awful.

So a show is successful but it's unworthy of it? How does that even happen?
So do you think Justin Bieber is worthy of having that huge success? Once again, the same applies here.

Why should anyone decide what people should or shouldn't watch/listen to/read?
It's a matter of help and education. It's why we have critics, advisors. They recommend the best books, films and TV. Oh, I can assure you that Glee doesn't feature on their list.
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