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Re: Challenger Schedule update: Challenger Finals added!!

Originally Posted by nole_no1 View Post
I'm a disgrace for our country? Maybe. But Hanescu is for sure a disgrace for our country too. A bigger one. He is suspected for match fixing, he didn't want to play Davis Cup four "OUR COUNTRY" but instead he did choose to play in a mug challenger tournament in the exact same week, there losing to an anonymous bulgarian ranked outside of the top 700 by that time and so on. Don't offend me just because i don't give a shit about Hanescu. I'm not supposed to like every sportsman just because he's from Romania. I do like and respect Ungur, Tecau, Copil for instance. Maybe i don't have the patriotic spirit you have, or maybe i'm just seeing the things exactly as they are and i don't choose to close my eyes only because he's from Romania. I. DON'T. CARE

So stop with the insults because you're pathetic and learn to respect others oppinions too.
Listen,the only thing i was wrong about was insulting you.

Your opinion is hurting a NATIONAL VALUE like Hanescu so no rational guy would respect it.

WHO THE FUCK are YOU to say that Hanescu is a disgrace for our country?? That is the single most idiotic thing i ever heard. For him to make it out of the TERRIBLE ROMANIAN TENNIS SYSTEM to the Top 30, winning an ATP tournament and getting to the Roland Garros quarterfinals is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Are you aware of the AMMOUNT OF WORK that you have to put in to get to those results coming from Romania,nowadays?? Obviously YOU DON'T. You are just another ignorant guy who insults guys like this, hardworking men like Hanescu. That's what's wrong with our country. Not Hanescu.

That's why i said in my previous post that no smart guy has your opinion on Hanescu. Because limited guys cannot RECOGNISE the facts that i just talked about. And that is either because they never worked in their whole lives, either because they just expect people to be Federer, or Top 20, or whatever, coming out of our terrible national system.

So keep drowning man, keep insulting treasures like Hanescu, keep being out of reality, because from now on i don't care. Maybe one day you will read this again and hopefully you will be smarter by then. Adios

P.S. I forgot those false statements that you made. 1 - He is accused of match fixing by ignorants who probably lost money betting on him or read a story or two published in some garbage publication. A guy like Hanescu would NEVER do that. He is AWARE that no ammount of money is worth the risk of being banned for life and having your name remembered forever as the one of a cheater. Maybe a disturbed player like Kollerer would do that, NOT HANESCU. 2 - He did not played Davis Cup against the Czech Republic. He was OBVIOUSLY PLAYING BAD TENNIS at that moment, maybe he did not want to disgrace his country did that tought ever occured to you? He had no chance standing against Berdych playing that bad as was showed with him losing to that bulgarian ranked around 1000 in the world. Although they may not be true ignorants like you DON'T EVER THINK about such things.

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