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Re: Gimpy vLove Shack vol. 3: Cool young Brits hub + their bros.

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post

I'm totally going! You?
Exams, exams. I'd have to think about it.

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
The good thing about his absence is that I get to concentrate on watching the tennis. And that I don't have to buy expensive tickets for Eastbourne.
Be warned, Eastbourne is full of old people.

Now we're talking. Show me.
They're too embarrassing.

Flippant. Let's see what happens when the contest starts. ;P
Yes, let's see of I withdraw or not.

[QUOTE]I don't judge. Tell meeeeeee.[/QUITE]

As if you don't judge! Besides, they're really strange, and very cynical. You wouldn't appreciate hearing them.

Yeah, I am going home in two weeks. I played one-on-one with the guy running the sessions this morning and he made me run a lot (made me hit a lot of forehands ) and it was really tiring but...I didn't sweat.
If you didn't sweat, you weren't working hard enough.

(That sounded okay, right?)

I'll vote you over Sophitia, no worries. Great, I'll vote later after I make some dinner.
Thanks. But I'm not really bothered by what happens in the contest. If I win some mayches, then great, but if i lose, no biggie.
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