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Re: Do you believe in Asexuality?

Originally Posted by Punky View Post
One of my closest friends told me last night that she and her 18 months boyfriend are breaking up b/c she cant take it anymore.
anyway after a few minutes she told me that its been more then a year that they had sex in fact only in the first Three months of the Relationship they had sex and even then it was cold and strained from his part.

He is a great guy and she sleep at his Apartment at least twice a week, they spend a lot of time together and with friends, she is very pretty, They even had a romantic trip to Prague, Spa and beach house and nothing.

He told her he think he is Asexual but he doesnt want to talk about it or open up.

what do u think?
Not to worry, Dr Vucina is here. Tell your "friend" there's a small chance he's gay, miniscule chance he's not attracted to her, and a huge chance he's addicted to masturbation/internet porn. Such people feel that real, physical contact is inferior to artificial stimulation. If it's not that, I pay you money.

Originally Posted by Garson007 View Post
I am slightly attracted, I guess. It depends. Introspection and only having myself as a reference point and all that. Do I masturbate? Yes. It's complicated I guess. At the root of it all, it's just that I'm uncomfortable with intimacy and that with multiple attempts I've never fallen in love. Sex also gets old really fast. Sex to me is okay, I guess, if it's something new; something you do every day (i.e. intimacy) - no way.
^Prime example of what I was telling you about.
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