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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

Originally Posted by asmazif View Post
man, Echoes did well to turn from LL to UL in four seconds
Why unlucky loser? I had no idea of what the scores looked like at that point or would look like. And in any case, the contest won't change my life in any way, lol. What makes you think I took it seriously?

Yes I was being rude the other day. I regret it and I really I would get banned. I won't find any excuse and I want to apologize if I shocked people.

But I started a debate with my "opponent" on the crisis in Syria. She gave one fallacious argument and then it stopped there. But next I stumbled on her posts on the ACC Thread which I normally never open - which she knows - only to humiliate me on my stance in this conflict while she refused to discuss it on the Syria thread. If I have something to tell people I always say it straight, not behind the back.

Besides I'm convinced that my stance on this conflict is utterly right and that hers is very dangerous and irresponsible. But I'm open to discussion. Not her.
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