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Re: Do you believe in Asexuality?

Originally Posted by Jverweij View Post
I feel sorry for him because how do you think he will be able to maintain a relationship if he does not feel the urge to have sex?
It is not at all that I do not accept an asexual person for who he/she is, but it is hard for that person...
Yes and no. He could always find an asexual girlfriend and they could really spend good time with each other.

Originally Posted by Punky View Post
He just dislike contact, any contact.

i really love him, we all love friend is crazy about him but i think if he would have open up or just talk to her it could have help but well The bottom line is, she wants all of him and he cant give her that.
It's time for her to move on.

“There’s so many athletes, tennis players around the world,” he continued, trying to put his life into some kind of perspective, “they want to be the best in what they do. They want to succeed. Many of them, they don’t succeed in the end. I’m fortunate to have this opportunity and succeed.”
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