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Re: Told a group of people to shut up today...

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
You finish work so early. Is that normal in Israel?
yes it is, we work from 8:30-9:00 until 13:30-14:30
this is the only thing i love about the bank, the hours

I totally understand; a lot of my friends are like that too. Actually I wish I felt that kind of connection with my family (my extended family, not my immediate family). I'm not that close to them and I think it's special to be close to your extended family.
someimes they are pain in the ass and i want to them but its a classic case of cant with u but never can without u

Well, my passion is Literature, and I didn't think it made sense to pay someone to analyse literary works for me. It's something that I can do on my own, while I need an LL.M. to work in an international organisation which is what I hope to do. That, and I really enjoyed international law and human rights law in my undergrad studies, so I decided to pursue it further. I know what you mean about loving to study - I love the intellectual rigour! It's much better than working for sure. So when will you do your PhD?
i feel the same about art, true passion, Even though I really like economics and market.
i will the my PhD the moment i will finish my MBA, no breaks.

I was sick of being in the same country my whole life. Singapore is such a small place that your social circle is limited and you don't really get to expand your experiences unless you travel. I've met done so many things in London in the past 2 months that I never got to do in Singapore, and met so many people from so many different countries, whereas in Singapore you pretty much only know Singaporeans. The worldview is pretty limited in that sense, you know?

well Singapore had 5.5M ppl and israel has 7.5 both of them are really really amall so i get why u want out and see the world, its great that u can.
i think meeting different ppl from different places can open ur mind to so many things and it helps u to get the other IMHO.

I'll still be here next August so if you do visit,
let me know.
of course!!!! theres so many ppl from that part of the world it great, i will let u know, lets hope

p.s someone told me last night that theres a popcon and ur seeded as 1 and im as 2 (i have no idea) goodluck!!! if u win can i have the men in ur avi? just dinner me and him..maybe going to a cruise alone...

Hug it out as long as it takes, people
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things were created to be used.
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