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Re: Told a group of people to shut up today...

Originally Posted by Punky View Post
ammm theres momwnts when its hard but i work 6.5 hours a day, im home at 3-3.5 so i have time to study and well i have the soul of a nerd so i enjoy it very much.
You finish work so early. Is that normal in Israel?

i think It's part of the mental in my culture where family is everything and i have a very very big family and im in touch with all of them.
i sometimes wish to be different when i could see the world as a free person but the Connection is holding me back.
I need warm people who love to touch, hug, kiss and Stroke...what can i say..
I totally understand; a lot of my friends are like that too. Actually I wish I felt that kind of connection with my family (my extended family, not my immediate family). I'm not that close to them and I think it's special to be close to your extended family.

so if law wasnt ur passion why didnt u study a different MA? and ur only 26, u still have time.
i went back to school b/c i used to go out with a Doc and he told me do PhD atc atc..i think i will do it and thats why i went back, i dont need the degree for Promotion or more money, My license investments is better then MA/MBA but i really really love to study.
Well, my passion is Literature, and I didn't think it made sense to pay someone to analyse literary works for me. It's something that I can do on my own, while I need an LL.M. to work in an international organisation which is what I hope to do. That, and I really enjoyed international law and human rights law in my undergrad studies, so I decided to pursue it further. I know what you mean about loving to study - I love the intellectual rigour! It's much better than working for sure. So when will you do your PhD?

in a lot of ways i envy you, ur free and im so not but on the other hand i never feel alone or out of place, i can always jump to my car drove 20 minutes and meet everyone i know.
why u wanted to leave Singapore? it looks like a great place.
i hope ur having fun in london, i visit this great city 2 years ago and maybe i will be back in august.
i could never live there b/c i cant take the cold.
i sound so weak LOL
I was sick of being in the same country my whole life. Singapore is such a small place that your social circle is limited and you don't really get to expand your experiences unless you travel. I've met done so many things in London in the past 2 months that I never got to do in Singapore, and met so many people from so many different countries, whereas in Singapore you pretty much only know Singaporeans. The worldview is pretty limited in that sense, you know?

I know what you mean about the cold though. I'm looking forward to going home for the Christmas break to escape the cold...but I'll probably complain about the heat after 5 minutes outdoors. it's normal to not be able to handle the cold if you're not used to it so you're not weak at all.

I'll still be here next August so if you do visit, let me know.

Originally Posted by Johnny Groove View Post
tripwires, you went to law school?

I am considering doing it, since it is the best way to become President. What is your takeaway from it? Your life and job now?

Yeah I went to law school but it's an undergrad degree in Singapore, so we don't spend as much money as you Americans on a law degree. I'm doing my Masters now in human rights law and I worked in a law firm for a year, which was one of the worst years of my life. So awful. Fucking insane hours, insane stress levels, hated my life, almost destroyed my relationship, was miserable every weekend, felt like I was on permanent PMS, became much angrier and grouchier than I already was, put on weight, and I'm quite certain that I was depressed at one time. I'm totally serious. I liked law school overall and loved my last two years but practising is a completely different story. I think the people that ultimately succeed have to be insane workaholics, insanely driven, have a high tolerance level for shit thrown at them, and have to thrive in a negative, MTF-esque environment where opponents and colleagues backstab you and judges scream at you sometimes for no good reason. I quit after a year because I had no intention or ambition of making partner and I hated it despite the good salary, and now I'm thinking of either working for an IO or NGO, or pursuing academia, or both.

Did George W Bush go to law school?

Edit: Hahaha your sig.

Roger Federer

Originally Posted by Matt01 View Post
Fed's groundstrokes never were that good to begin with.
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