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Re: Told a group of people to shut up today...

Originally Posted by Shinoj View Post
Education is over rated in our modern World anyway. More often than not they Stifle Creativity,Spontaeinity, Out of Box Students who are stifled to get in line with the Group.. They do not encourage Free Thinking Anyway.

Originally Posted by GOATsol View Post
Done the right way, education does the opposite.
Yes, I often hear those complaints that education stifles creative thinking, and so on... But my experience is that it does the complete opposite.

Now, I think there can be two explanations for this:

1 - People who are bitter for some reason towards the educational system, and since they did not succeed in it, they try to dismiss the entire system by saying it's just about fitting the mould and nothing more.

2 - People who have actually followed courses that are made to "manufacture" people and make them fit into a mould.
I went to university, I was also a kind of alien because I was supposedly "too good" a student to go to university (yes in France university's supposed to be crap, if you're a good student you go the the "grandes écoles"). So my experience was definitely positive, and I have no doubt that it encouraged free thinking and made me see new prospects and so on.
Believe me, at university, the one thing we're desperately trying to do is to get students to think for themselves, and to be able of independent and criticial thinking, and they rarely are capable of this (often they cannot analyze a discourse critically, or produce their own work without using/plagiarizing the Internet).
But it's true that it's not always the case. My brother did a journalism course, and he was extremely disappointed in it, because he felt that precisely, instead of teaching them how to think about their role in society as journalists, and how they could make things better, they only taught them how to reproduce the existing system with all its flaws (for instance, rules like "an old woman getting mugged 2 miles away is more important than a thousand Africans dying of starvation thousands of miles away").

So, if I look at my own experience, this statement about education is completely false, but I know that depending on the type of training that you have followed, you can sometimes have that problem.
Anyway, education and culture are certainly not overrated. A lot of bad things that happen, happen because of ignorance, and it's something you can notice everyday.
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