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Re: Why players don't go to net more often?

Originally Posted by romismak View Post
Also one thing i don´t understand is why basically nobody is using drop shots more often- in this era with everoyne behind the baseline and expecting another shot far to corner and stay behind baseline drop shots are great choice, i mean if 2m+ tall guy like Janowicz can do it why other guys are not using it more frequently - i think similar case to volleys - they are not training it and are not confident enough to do it when it matters like facing BP or having BP and so on. I mean you don´t need to hit drop shot winner and play it perfectly it can ,,be lazy,, drop shot and still you can win point 80% of the time when you do it at good time.
Dolgopolov use (or used) them a lot, and he's good at it, but in the end he couldn't bother even Troicki with that - check their last match (RG 2011), Viktor dropped only a set. Top guys probably wouldn't even lose a set.

“There’s so many athletes, tennis players around the world,” he continued, trying to put his life into some kind of perspective, “they want to be the best in what they do. They want to succeed. Many of them, they don’t succeed in the end. I’m fortunate to have this opportunity and succeed.”
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