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Re: Why players don't go to net more often?

3 things

1. slower courts-mostly HC-indoor,outdoors and grass, no carpet - you need better volley for winner shot than 10-15years ago and so on

2.racquet technology-some of those passing shots are so fast-strong - it is almost impossible to take control of such shot, when your opponents are blasting ,,bombs,, on you or left-right from you - also

3. training-confidence- call it how you want, simply most guys are not training enough volleying and they are not confident enough to do it, i mean for example you play QF of Master 1000 you need to make SF-you are top 30 guy, would you try go to the net when you are not used to it and are not sure what to do on the net? No you will stay on the baseline and either wait for error or good position to hit winner

Howewer i believe going to the net more often would be great choice, i think most players when goes to the net can hit good volley, in top 50 for example and it would be great to shorten rallies and change rhytm and make you more unpredictable - i am not saying about SV style - i think this is history, but more volleying would be great for players

Also one thing i don´t understand is why basically nobody is using drop shots more often- in this era with everoyne behind the baseline and expecting another shot far to corner and stay behind baseline drop shots are great choice, i mean if 2m+ tall guy like Janowicz can do it why other guys are not using it more frequently - i think similar case to volleys - they are not training it and are not confident enough to do it when it matters like facing BP or having BP and so on. I mean you don´t need to hit drop shot winner and play it perfectly it can ,,be lazy,, drop shot and still you can win point 80% of the time when you do it at good time.

Similarly with volleys you don´t need to have winning volley after great volley, just take your opponent outwide and cover the net and so on.

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