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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest 1st Round 2nd Quarter

(4) Kat_YYZ vs. (Q) Nadie- she is very nice
abraxas21 vs. Elister- he likes Harry Potter
(61) boarder35m vs. RandomChiller
ilovetheblues_86 vs. MTwEeZi

(29) tennizen vs. Decrepitude
Belludal vs. <Eve>
(36) Clay Death vs. durrr
Smoke944 vs. Colt th magnific

(13) Nole Rules vs. (Q) Manadrainer- cheerful and funny guy
Start da Game vs. MuzzahLovah
(52) Cobalt60 vs. tennishero
star vs. Julian Santiago

(20) GSMNadal vs. (Q) sexybeast- a sensible Dulltard. sexybeast is not bad either, but I have to choose one...
keqtqiadv vs. selyoink
(45) hat_boy vs. v-money- both are good
Gavnich77 vs. Garson007

(5) Hewitt=Legend vs. (Q) MsTree- he is funny at the expense of himself
Ash86 vs. ElizaY
(60) TigerTim vs. SapELee- a polite Englishman, though he can get clowny at times
JayR vs. matt01

(28) Mark Lenders vs. TBKeeper- TBKeeper goes too far in his Davydenkotarding. Mark is smart.
BigJohn vs. Tonkie13
(37) Freak3yman84 vs. BackhandDTL- he does contribute occasionally
Seingeist vs. delicfan

(12) Johnny Groove vs. (Q) MaxPower- he is running the contest
TMJordan vs. Mooza2011- great avatar
(53) djokovicgonzalez vs. superhoops- normal poster
BauerAlmeida vs. justafanYYC

(21) mimi vs. Shuhrat
Ivanatis vs. silver lining- double account, but an okay poster
(44) gagsquet vs. wtatourfan- clown, but very funny and cute
heya vs. finishingmove- heya is a mentally insane.
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