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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
Donna is AWESOME. She has the most quotable lines on the show. I love the dynamics between her and Harvey. (love anything with Harvey really ) I liked Mike best when he was with Jenny - they were so cute together.

I've never watch FNL but heard it's good. Is it?
I don't really care for the love relationships and the Rachel-Mike aspect is definitely the most annoying part of the show.

FNL season 1 I don't think it's everyone's cup of tea though. I tried to watch 1 episode like 2 years back but couldn't get into it because I didn't understand american culture then + the southern accents didn't help either. But season 1 is so . At the start of a season 2 there's a plot line that's making me but hopefully they resolve it well.

Originally Posted by savesthedizzle View Post
I think I'm the last person not watching Suits but I keep hearing good things... how many seasons am I behind? I'm so behind on television.
I wish I were behind on television . You're only 1 and a half seasons behind Jess, and that's only like 23 episodes coz it's cable. Watch it . I almost have a ban on watching USA shows coz they're usually so formulaic but this one isn't

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