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Re: Twist/Kick serve Help!!!

Try taking you legs out of it while you practice. I find that having my players get down on one knee will not only develop good tossing skills but will get them to develop the proper feel for the technique without trying to go too big. Think of trying to hit up on the ball while trying to have the raquet wrap around the ball on contact

Usually, players are trying to hit too hard on the serve instead of working on racquet head speed which is what adds pace and spin to the ball. The more pace you use the more spin you need. I like to teach my players to think of driving a stick shift, You need just the right amount of clutch and gas to make the car go smoothly. Also, when practicing try to do a count of 1 - 2 - 3 in your head.

On 1 toss the ball to about twelve o'Clock for kicker or topspin
On 2 you should be in trophy position
on 3 you hit.

This cadence will not only relax you but make your serve much more consistent.

Good luck

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