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Re: Nü metal is not dead! The Nu-Alternative Metal thread.

Great to see viruzzz is a metalhead. makes you even more of my favorite poster. I prefer heavier forms of metal and metalcore. But Nu Metal is amazing because really no nu metal artists is similar to another nu metal artist, they're all very unique.
My favs:

Best live artist I've ever seen. Mayhem Fest 2012 was amazing. Heretic Anthem is my favorite I think.

Linkin Park (First 2 albums +Given Up and Bleed It Out)

Linkin Park I really don't know what to say. These guys were amazing. I just don't know what the fuck happened. I bought their new album cause I heard it was going to be like the first two. Listened, broke it in half, threw away.

System Of A Down:

Amazing amazing group. Cannot Wait til they come to Florida. I must see them in my lifetime. Toxicity is favorite

Papa Roach
Five Finger Death Punch

Can't think of others but the 5 above are all amazing.
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