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Re: Told a group of people to shut up today...

Originally Posted by Noserer View Post
We don't pay for classes here
Yeah, well, this attitude is one of the main problems in France, too. Students pay very little, and therefore, they have no respect for education (they also have crappy conditions to study in, to be honest, but if you want to study, you can - I did).

Sometimes that makes me really angry, and I just feel like lecturing them, and saying to them: "do you realize that higher education is a f***ing privilege? Are you not ashamed that French taxpayers are paying for your education, while you just sit there and do nothing, or just disrupt the class?"

And also, I keep thinking that one day, people will realize that students don't care because they don't pay, and when they decide to change the system and make them pay thousands of euros for their education, then they will start crying and getting angry, saying that it's a scandal and education is a right and so on.

More or less as they do with tests: they don't give a shit during the whole semester, they don't study, but then when they fail they start crying or getting mad at you ("the test is too difficult it's a scandal the teacher's a bitch" and so on), and suddenly it looks as if their whole world is about to crumble. And in a way you feel sorry for them, because they're young and don't know better, but sometimes you're just fed up and you feel like saying: "Well, you see that ridiculous overreaction of yours right now? You should have put that energy into sudying about 6 weeks ago. Now it's too late. Sorry."

Originally Posted by tripwires View Post

I think post-grad students are more mature in general and so they don't talk as much during lectures. It's a good thing. No one talks in this really really really boring lecture that I have too (I'm doing a post-grad course).
Yes, for one, they're more mature, and also (at least in France), none of the "tourists" reach post-grad level. Students who don't give a damn usually don't make it through beyond the 3rd year.
Anyway, even in first year, you have plenty of really great students, but to disrupt a class it only takes a few idiots or even a few selfish good students (the kind who listen to the teacher and contribute when they feel like it, and chat with their friends the rest of the time).
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