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Re: Andre Agassi vs Joachim Johansson AO 2005

Originally Posted by Nidhogg View Post
My favorite sequence from that match was from either the first or second set. Pim-Pim starts with hitting a doublefault. Then an ace, another ace, and yet another ace to go up 40-15 looking like he doesn't have a care in the world. Agassi hasn't even been allowed to touch the ball or do anything but walk from side to side between points in the game, and decides to sneak up deep inside the baseline for the next serve, reads it perfectly, and cracks a return at Pim-Pim's feet to make a point and vent out a good deal of frustration. Great moment.

And for the record, Pim-Pim was anything but brainless. He was a player who always did his homework prior to a match to opt for the best possible strategy. Very underrated tactician.
Great post, I forgot to mention that as well. Joachim was so in the zone throughout the whole match he was constantly just going for 2nd serves as well whenever he is ahead in points. Once he gets to 30-0 or 40-0 or 40-15 or even just 15-0 you can almost guarantee that you have no chance of breaking the guy because he's in the "51 aces mode". He was so confident that he'll just be blasting 2nd serves like 1st serves.

If this was a 5 set match he would have owned the ace record count EASILY. I believe this match was the most aces in 4 sets ever. Poor Agassi right after he inches past an in zone serving machine in his next round he faces yet another serving machine Roger Federer who served 22 aces in an one sided straight set match.

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