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Re: Career Grand Slam Semifinals

Originally Posted by Springer89 View Post
I have Tanner at 6 SFs (1 AO, 3 W, 2 USO) and 11 QFs (1 AO, 5 W, 5 USO), also Rosewell at 15 QFs (5 AO, 2 RG, 3 W, 5 USO), Metreveli at 8 QFs (3 AO, 1 RG, 3 W, 1 USO) , Dibbs (4 W, 3 USO) and Bjorkman (2 AO, 2 W, 3 USO) at 7 QFs.

Didn't checked all my numbers, though, just Tanner's and Bjorkman's stat and it seemed OK.
you're right for all of them, thanks a lot

I wonder why I've read so much RosewEll and not Rosewall in this thread

By the way as I know you're an expert in young players, Springer, would you know if there's a connection between the Georgian youngster Aleksandre Metreveli and the old glory Alex Metreveli ? grand-son or something ?

useless old guy
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