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Re: Told a group of people to shut up today...

Originally Posted by GOAT = Fed View Post
So was in class today towards the back, just a few rows from the back and a bunch of people were talking pretty loudly and it was annoying. The lecturer warned them twice and told them that if he caught them talking again he would send them out. Now of course they quietened down but it was still annoying as they were at the level where the people at the back could hear them but those at the front probably couldn't (As it's a pretty big lecture hall). It was very hard to concentrate since we were doing a very hard topic. Thought fuk it, they're not shutting up so I got annoyed and told them to 'SHUT UP' like Federer here:

with pretty much the same facial expression.

Thought I was going to be absolutely lambasted by everyone (didn't give a fuk though) but was surprisingly met with approval by everyone bar the loud group of people. They finally shut their mouths for the rest of the lecture. Felt like a boss.

What would you guys have done in that situation? And yes this really DID happen, wish someone had recorded it lol.

Who the fuck cares about lectures? Lecture halls are boring and the professor always talks in a monotone. Just go learn the information yourself from your textbook or the internet (unless you aren't smart enough to)

Still...good for you
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