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Re: High percentage tennis is boring

Originally Posted by Taejin View Post
Well, was every tennis match in the 70s or 80s entertaining? I don't think so.
I never said that was the case, but there defintely was much more room for contrasts in gamestyles back then. It's a matter of taste, though. I know sure as hell I wasn't riveted by this years AO final when it comes to what tennis we got to see. When there are precious few entertaining points from six hours worth of play between two very good players I'm left discontent. Not to mention the toll it takes on the players them selves.

I'd love to see a mix of the current depth along with better conditions though. The physical aspects of how the players and the sport have improved are all good to me. It's the lack of regulation in racquet- and string technology which is the problem. To me it's in effect too easy to it the ball well, and it's that which has led to balls and surfaces being slowed down to the extent that we see now.

My main point is simple. You don't automatically get better tennis by making it easier to hit the ball hard and clean.
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