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Re: Why players don't go to net more often?

Originally Posted by latso View Post
they're not training it less. They're using it less. And they're not using it less Because their tactics is by default baseline tennis...their tactics is by default baseline tennis Because they can't be successful going at the net too often.

It's just the semi amateur tennis of the 80s and 90s is now transformed into real pro tennis and with the slow surfaces you'd get ripped at the net.

A guy super talented at the net like Llodra is able to keep a max top 25-30 level with his style, which is not the way it is because he thinks it's more effective, rather because his shots consistency from the baseline is mediocre to say the least.
Originally Posted by Mountaindewslave View Post
nothing about 'training' that is false logic, despite the overall pro game turning into an entirely baseline battle, tennis players are still trained just as much as ever on volleying

many can do it well but it will not be as effective as it once was no matter what. I mean any player in the top 100 you'll witness do some great vollies from time to time, not using the tactic frequently does not reflect their ability

going to the net is suicide in today's game, when the last time you saw that work against some with good passing shots like Nadal, 5 years ago?
It IS indeed a combination of lack of skill and not training it. Federer's net skills won him the Wimbledon final this year, he came in more than any final he had ever played prior IIRC..

Regardless, it is truly a lack of skill. Players do not know when to cover the line or when to cover the cross court shot. They are indeed a sitting duck, the courts aren't slow, they are... On top of that, as I mentioned, we do not have an elite player that uses this method, so how can one insinuate that a player cannot get to the top with such a style...that is unless you base your ideology using the careers of Llodra and Stepanek for example. They aren't elite players, but both have had very good careers on the singles tour. Imagine if they had the natural talent of like a Federer, or physique/mental strength of Djokovic/Nadal. You really think that can't make it to the top of the game?

Players get passed because they don't know the proper way to play at the net. Just compare the great S&V players to now. They knew where to cover. Sometimes you have to play the percentages, sometimes you have to take a risk, sometimes you're a sitting duck and have to guess, it all depends and a good net player uses these different approaches. At the same time, while there are good volleyers that don't come in that often, majority of the players don't have the volleys of great net players..they just know how to cut off a floating reply. Once the ball comes back with heat, not too many can deal with it properly.

If you want a little comparison, look at Novak's success last year mainly against Rafa. Djokovic was oftentimes literally standing and waiting for Rafa to hit the ball back crosscourt and all he needed to do was stick his racket out for an easy volley. Then looking at Federer in his prime years against Rafa, he was so stubborn about that very same thing. He would cover the down the line shot time and time allowing Rafa to pass cross court pretty easily.

Just having good volleys is only a very small aspect towards being a great net player. Look at Ivanisevic, he had very mediocre volleys, regardless of whether you think how much surfaces/technology have changed, he was still a top player. Hitting the right serve, knowing where to move, being confident with the play and take the right percentages are much more important factors in being a great net player that players these days don't have.

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