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Re: If Djokovic stays the No. 1 until October, he will overtake Nadal...

Originally Posted by 5555 View Post
Pete Sampras was a top professional player in tennis for a long time, so it's logical that he is very knowledgeable about tennis.
he surely is, as Mats Wilander is (please note that Wilander as a player was recognized as a very clever tactician, one might have expected him to be a great expert and predictor) ... but the main problem about those experts who talk in the media is not about their real expertise, it's about the fact that they mostly talk to provide what is asked from them : entertainment and good publicity for the sport.

If real experts like tennis coaches (who imo are much better experts than these old players) really revealed us what they really know about this or that player, we would know a lot of things which we don't know at the moment. Unfortunately they don't reveal us all of that. For instance Mouratoglou (Serena Wiliams' coach) had a tribune on French Eurosport website ... and what he said was only very banal things, or things mostly designed to attract audience.

Wilander has chosen to be the "public entertainer" (one could say "clown") because it's part of his personality and he's always had talent for that, McEnroe and Gilbert being on US TV where tennis is very much on competition for audience, try to say the things which will attract viewers, Becker delivers what every media wants him to say for money, Cash provokes as he has always been good for, Sampras and Borg more punctually deliver their "benediction message from tennis pope", Guy Forget keeps on speaking of modern players as if they were players of his time in the 90s ...

All these are not parts of a serious research project, they are part of an entertainment industry ...

Coaches have more serious goals but they won't reveal us their secrets ...

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