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Re: David Ferrer Is Playing In Both Doha & Auckland In 2013

Originally Posted by BackhandDTL View Post
Twas the night before AO, when all through the tour,
Not a top player was playing, for their talent was pure
The racquets were hung in their bags with care
With AO in sight, and hopes to play well there

The players were nestled, all snug in their beds
While visions of grand slams danced in their heads
Navratilova was quiet, Mcenroe so too,
All were prepared to begin the season anew

When out on the courts, there arose such a clatter,
From a "top" player pushing, his points getting fatter
This high-end vulture exited Doha in a flash
But, alas! He swooped down on Auckland in a dash

This little old pusher, so lively and quick
I knew for a moment, it's that mug named Pics
More rapid than eagles, his vulturing came,
He whistled,and shouted "vamos" after only one game!

Like dry leaves this vulture would fly
If he met any real obstacle, he'd merely mount to the sky
On to the next weak draw, this vulture mug-flew
To find the next prey whom he could push through

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