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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest Nominations Thread- Top 32 Seeds Announced

Top 32 Seeds:

1. tripwires
2. Punky
3. Nole Fan
4. Kat_YYZ
5. Hewitt =Legend
6. The Bulldog
7. viruzzz
8. Sonja1989
9. Corey Feldman
10. leng jai
11. Pirata
12. Johnny Groove
13. Nole Rules
14. Orka_n
15. 156mphserve
16. Maria_V
17. Sunset of Age
18. arm
19. Deathless mortal
20. GSMnadal
21. Mimi
22. BroTree123
23. Chirag
24. Litotes
25. Mateya
26. Topspindoctor
27. Eden
28. Mark Lenders
29. tennizen
30. Voo da Mar
31. Incredibale
32. acionescu

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