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Grand Slam Tennis Draw Game on MTF

Instead of having the boring Seed Elimination game which we had the past few grand slams, I was wondering if we could have a slightly more interesting game this AO onwards.

I have made this thread to see if people would be interested in such a game and for suggestions for its format.

As of now I thought it could be something similar to what Slasher had in mind for the Favourite top 100 final(since it is not going to happen over there):

Originally Posted by Slasher1985 View Post
Tennis draw: This is the format I was thinking of. The 8 players are put inside a Final Draw (this first phase being called Draw Phase). During the Draw Phase, the players are pitted against each other in 4 "matches", in which users vote the winner of each "match". Each match is the style of a tennis match, so each vote is a "tennis point" 0-15, 0-30. The matches are played 3/5 sets. Two seeds are selected from the 8 players. In the next phase, the Final 4 Phase, two matches are played between the remaining 4 players. Finally, we have the Final Duel, between the two most voted for players, 4/7 sets.
For us, each match could just be according to the actual draw, with 128 players instead of just 8.
This would very tough for the first few rounds, so we could simplify it a little by having only one set or doing something like this:

Originally Posted by Featherer View Post
^^With 128 players it's tough indeed.
It would require some awareness from the entrants, the more since you can't start a thread for every single match of the early rounds.
Everybody would have to take care of simultaneous voting and wrong counting.

For reducing the amount of everything my idea would be to use less extensive counting systems in the early rounds.
For example:
1st Rd: 1 vote = 1 game (also in tiebreak) a player needs at least 3x6 = 18 votes for victory
2nd Rd: 1 vote = 2 points (4 points in tiebreak), counting would be: "30-0", "game", or "30-30" (tiebreak: 4-0 , set , 4-4) ...hence at least 36 votes are needed for victory
3rd Rd: 1 vote = 1 point, but all games are started from Deuce (in tiebreak from "6-6"), so a player needs a 2 points lead ...that can already take a bit longer

If the participation is too low, the Rd 1 counting system could be applied for Rd 2 too, the Rd 2 system for Rd 3 etc. or reversely if many people take part.
It has to be tested out.
But even with the shorter counting systems lots of threads would be needed after all.
For the 1st Rd 8 threads à 8 matches is the minimum to avoid problems with simultaneous voting and wrong counting, I think.
Not impossible but definitely tougher than "Seed elimination", but also more fun (given it works).
We could also have a hybrid tournament with something easier in the early rounds, like :

Originally Posted by Slasher1985 View Post
Elimination: In this format, people give points for the 8 players (Eurovision style). Their favorite gets 15 points, second 11, third 8, fourth 6, fifth 4, sixth 2, seventh 1 and last 0. Every few hours the last place is eliminated, until only one remains.
Alternatively(if you think this is too lengthy), we could have the tournament only for the seeds, and start off with 32 players itself(like the Seed Elimination game).

So, would you be interested in participating in such a game? If so, please vote in the poll and specify which of the formats specified you would like. Alternatively, you could propose changes in the format, or an entirely new one.

(In case it was not clear, if participation seems likely, I volunteer to organize the tournament. I see no point in doing it if posters here think it would be too long/boring and are not going to participate. Hence, this thread)
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