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Re: 2012 MTF Popularity Contest Nominations Thread- Nominations close 1230 Eastern US

Originally Posted by Litotes View Post
This time estimate sounds optimistic if I was the one doing it, so I just thought I'd check your MO. Maybe you have a little trick I haven't thought of, and I'll learn something. I'd be grateful if you shared your method in some detail.
Originally Posted by GSMnadal View Post
I highly doubt Excel can filter all the posts and recognise some of the wrongly spelt names and nicknames people use in their nominations. So 'a couple of minutes' seems very, very optimistic
It is indeed very simple.. The only lengthy part is copying everyone's posts, and unless you use your mouse to facilitate copying and pasting, that shouldn't take you more than a few minutes. Most people here have done the liberty of listing their nominations on separate lines, so after you are done pasting into Excel onto the first column, on the second column there are several formulas you can use to have Excel "read" the first column and tell you which are duplicates and which are not, then you can sort the highest number of duplicates by largest to smallest and you can cut out any random comments that got pasted in or manually count mispelled names. If you don't know Excel formulas then of course it will take a while. But I used to do this for much larger and more complicated databases several years ago as an intern, this is very simple on the other hand. I'm on my phone, or else I would paste a couple forumlas, but Google is there for you, there are a lot of pages that easily tell you which formulas to use for such tasks.

You could always save the spreadsheet, lock all the cells except the first column and anyone who needs to sort and count user naems can just paste it into the first column. If I remember, I can throw something user friendly together tonight if need be, but really, even if you don't know much about Excel, using Google helps and it is really simple.

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