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Re: Uncle Toni:"it's ATP's fault if Rafa never won WTF"

I can't take too much offense from a joke like that. Tbh it reminds me of Roddick when he was asked "how would you beat Roger in Wimbledon?" after another lost final. His reply was something like "punch him in the face", which I thought was funny.

I do however feel that it is hugely disrespectful of Lukas Rosol. the "he only beat Rafa cuz Rafa was injured"-crap is really low. I don't know about the rest of you, but imo Rafa did not look hindered by an injury at all in that match. Rosol deserved that victory, because he played great, end of story.

Also the doping comments are ridiculous. These kind of things are damaging to the sport imo.

The whining about the WTF is stupid, but if we are all whining that Nadal is winning because of slower courts, I guess it is fair that Toni gets to whine that he does not win WTF because it is too fast.

Last but not least, this is Toni's opinion, it does not mean that it is Rafa's.
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