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Re: Uncle Toni:"it's ATP's fault if Rafa never won WTF"

Wise and truthful words from Toni once again. He is a great man, no wonder Rafa became the best player in the world under his coaching.

- this year Rafa had a great first half of the year, then came wimbledon, Rosol deserved the win, but Rafa probably wouldn't have lost the match if he wasn't injured. Before the match they were more worried about the knee than they were for the opponent.
Absolutely spot on.

- they'd like to play more on clay but it's impossible given that 2 slams and most masters are on HC.
That really is an issue. There should definitely be more clay tournaments.

- Rafa would love to play Davis cup, but it will depend on how far he goes in Australia.
He'll reach the final, so guess that means he won't play in Davis Cup then.

- speaking about doping, he says he's not worried since Rafa's clean, and today it's very difficult if not impossible to dope given the strictness of doping control.
Right again.

- it's ATP's fault if Rafa has never won a WTF title since it's always played on fast (?!?) Hard courts. They should rotate surfaces. The problem is that they ask players where they want to play and most of them say they want fast HC since they are fast-court specialists.(!?!) The ATP should decide by themselves, they shouldn't be listening to the players.
They should rotate the surfaces, it's a bit unfair for a player like Rafa that it's always played in conditions that don't suit his game. But it won't change as long as Federer keeps playing.

In another interview I listened to a few days ago Toni also joked that now it's Fed's and Nole's turn to get injured. He was joking, but still...
Can't take a joke? Toni Nadal is a true gentleman who'd never wish an injury to any player.

Fedtards crying here like there's no tomorrow, NID. Their biased hate towards Rafa and Toni prevents them from seeing that Toni is more than right here. He is the guy to whom the ATP should listen to improve the tour.
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