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Originally Posted by TBkeeper View Post
Here is the thread about our Nikolay in 2013!

Those were the previous five questions in the end of 2011:
1- Do you think he still has it in him and can get to TOP 10?
2- Do you think he can keep himself in top 50 till the end of the year ?
3- Does he will retire in the end of 2012 ?
4- Can he prolong his streak with at least one title in 2012?
5- Can he go to at least 4rd round in a GS ? he haven't been there since AO in 2010 infact only one 3rd round for 2 whole years ..... ?

1-Obviously no... although he challenged TOP 10 players in his matches
2-Yes 2011 Y.E. ranking 41 ----- 2012 Y.E. ranking 44
3-No... He said that he's a happy top-50 player
4-No... The streak lasted from 2003 to 2011 (9 consecutive years)
5-No... Since 2010 AO (11 GSs) he has: 1 N/A | 5 1R | 4 2R | 1 3R |

Now i want to discuss with you those questions in the end of 2012:
1-Can he at least once beat a top 10 player?
2-Will he remain in top-50 in the end of 2013?
3-Does he will retire during 2013 or in the end of the year?
4-Will he reach fourth round in a slam ?
5-Can he beat Nadal in 2013?

My opinion:
1-Yes he can and will beat 3 times a top 10 player !
2-Yes he will end in top 30!
3-He will retire in the end of 2013 i'm 100% sure!
4-Yes he will reach 2R AO | 3R FO | 1R WO | 4R UO !
5-Yes he can if they play on hard court! Thus ending 7-5 vs Nadal.

And last but not least
Have a nice and cozy winter with a lot of smiles !
my answers:

1. he's already proven this year that he can still beat top 10 opponents when he took down isner and had tsonga and fish on the ropes. So my answer is yes, definately

2. I hope so. He's still got game its just about confidence for him. I think he can, yeah

3. will he retire at the end of 2013? im not sure. Rmember that davy said that he will only play as long as he can get into masters main draws direclty. If he's in a position where he cant at the end of the year i bet he will. if he is ranked inside the top 30 or even top 20(which i still think he can make) then he'll keep going.

4. well he really should have made the 4th round at the US this year, its just a shame he had no serve or he would have taken out fish easily. I think he can, he'll just need some luck

5.why does that matter?
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