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2012 MTF Popularity Contest News Thread

aka High School Backstabbing Contest.

Yes it is that time again. The ACC is over and now it is time to crown the most popular poster on MTF. MTF is in a bit of a flux these days with many new people.

I will take my cues from Nathii's running of the 2010 contest, a contest she ran exceptionally well.

1. This year's edition is run by myself, Johnny Groove and Freak3yman84.

2. The idea is to choose the most popular poster on MTF. Everyone has got their own definition of "popularity," but remember this is a positive contest - reversed to ACC. You vote for someone you like, find intelligent, think they're good contributors to the board, are charismatic, funny, awesome.

3. Nominations will run for a few days, maybe a week, until we get sufficient nominations. 128 probably, but maybe more or less. Seedings will be done by nominations.

4. You must have at least 300 posts to add a nomination because of the sad experiences with double accounts in the past (this gives some more safety). There are no restrictions to how many people you nominate, but you are only allowed to nominate a given poster once.

5. Note to everyone - if you want to insult someone, go to the ACC threads. This one is opened already now because word on a street says there will be also other contests and all should close before Christmas, when people are still around the computer and can participate.

6. We don't mind a little bit of controversy - it occurs every year and makes things more entertaining, but it needs to be at moderate level. You are allowed to give reasons to the votes and the previous editions have clearly showed on average basis this is *not* an arselicking contest (if you have doubts, take your time to read threads from the previous years rather than base of own first impression). Jokes are jokes, but if someone feels *seriously* harassed do not hesitate to send us a PM. We'd like to handle this behind the scenes alone or with a mod participation if unsolvable otherwise.

Reminder: A semifinalist from two years ago, bad gambler, not only didn't beg or campaign but was unaware he achieved that round! A finalist from last year, Peta Pan, didn't campaign herself and didn't have anyone else doing it for her! A semifinalist, adee-gee, was away from the computer in a foreign country and barely aware how he was progressing here! A quarterfinalist, TMJordan, was on holiday in Miami and didn't vote/beg/campaign/post at all! You cannot say only being fake nice during the contests lifts you up high here. No.

8. Withdrawals are generally not accepted especially for the reasons like "I am afraid I will not win," "This contest is run by a Rafatard and a manipulative bitch," "I may not get as many votes as I would like," "I was away for the whole year and nobody knows me anymore, and I probably will lose in R1," I am too old for this," "I don't have enough v-cash to buy votes and bad gambler's account disappeared so he won't give me a present," "A person who doesn't like me might vote for my opponent on purpose" If you really have a valid reason send us a PM and we will discuss it.

If there are any more rules that need to be discussed, I will add them here.

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