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Re: Nathii Thread.

Originally Posted by Nathaliia View Post
i know athlete, it was on our radio chart
That's good and bad to know at the same time... I totally love their songs though. Love the vibe.

Originally Posted by Harmless View Post
One Republic is that band that did Apologize with Timbaland?

You can wear skirts, you just need to learn the art of wool stockings+skirt pairing. Also, ditch the jackets, get into coats.
I have coats but I like to wear something more casual from time to time. Coats seem really dressy to me so I invested in like, 3 biker jackets.

In a sense, nothing has changed. Young girls still like cute boys with singing talent, go figure. But in other ways, things have changed, and for the better. For one, you can notice how the girls' intelligence is held to a (marginally) higher regard. They don't sell them the stories of the boys being virginal figurines, they don't paste ready-made stereotypes on them that they need to uphold and play up.
Oh man, I still remember the whole Britney Spears/Justin Timberlake "virgin until marriage" nonsense. You really have very good knowledge of the modern boyband. I didn't think about it in this light...interesting perspective.

There's a LOT of pandering there, don't get me wrong , a lot of playing the market, a lot of the "talking directly to the hormones" approach still (the MTV ad for their performance for a recent awards show was just the 5 of them individually walking in slow motion while looking at the camera for god's sake ), but it comes with more of a Beatles than a BSB bent to it. The teenage audience has definitely evolved and can sniff out falseness better than 15 years ago. And, though that also has its problems, I think girls today are allowed to feel more sexually secure in themselves, as the virgin-whore dichotomy that usually goes with this territory of teen pop is largely gone. I think that's a good thing.
Do you think it's going in the whore direction a bit too much though? There's a fine line between sexually secure and skanky.
Is there gonna be a S3?
I think so. The rest of S2 (6 episodes I think) will be shown in January. Can't wait to drool over Harvey again.
What's the essay about? Something interesting?
No. It was about whether regional mechanisms for human rights law are legitimate responses to regional particularities or whether they justify relativity. This is the most boring class I have as well. I have an essay on Kant due on Thursday and I don't know anything and I haven't started.

As a reactionary joke to SdG's thread, yes. But SdG was serious about his. This man appeared to have actually believed (and wrote a long, AFAIR, grammatically correct, diatribe about) that a player lost a match based on an unfavorable coin toss. No other reason.
Yeah I remember that. It was SO funny. Can't figure him out - he actually seems normal outside of GM but you wonder how anyone can genuinely, GENUINELY hold some of the opinions that he expressed.

Originally Posted by Hewitt =Legend View Post
Nice to see Maya is back to run popcon again this year and has finally converted to boybandism.

Check out our newly formed bogan version of One Direction, came third on X Factor. I have mutual friends with the rapper and got inebriated with him earlier this year so it's only a matter of time before I become the 6th member and render the band useless:
I actually watched those videos. Oh my god.

Roger Federer

Originally Posted by Matt01 View Post
Fed's groundstrokes never were that good to begin with.
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