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Re: Q&A With FreakyGOAT

Originally Posted by 156mphserve View Post
You Are somewhere in the world. You go 1 km south, 1 km east, and 1 km north which returns you to where you started. Where did you start?
Originally Posted by 156mphserve View Post
did you spend more than 3 hours per day lurking MTF while banned?
Originally Posted by 156mphserve View Post
if you got permabanned from MTF would you start your own forum?
Originally Posted by selyoink View Post
Do you think you could sleeper longer than 10 hours if you were sleeping on a cloud?

What is the most amazing thing a cloud has ever looked like?

What do you think clouds taste like?

Do you have any clothing expressing your love of clouds?

Do you think clouds are capable of rational thought?

If you could tell your favorite cloud one thing what would it be?
Somewhere in the world.

No, less.


No, I'd probably fall.

Ferris Bueller.


Sadly not.

Now? No. In the future? Most definitely.

To rob a bank, give me all the cash money and send all of the playboy models to my house.

Oh Sheesh Y'all, 'Twas A Dream

Number of Times I've Cried Over Sucking at FITD: All but seven

W Houston and Samarkand Singles W Charlottesville W Lermontov W ATP Bastad W Bol Fut W Orleans (w/MathMul) W Cordenons (w/dinkulpus) Tashkent S&D (w/ Mr Brightside)

Originally Posted by @Sweet Cleopatra View Post
I like how you make me appreciate my life by comparing it to yours then I take a deep breath and say: Thank God..
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