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Re: Gimpy vLove Shack vol. 3: Cool young Brits hub + their bros.

Originally Posted by IncrediBale View Post
How are ya mate
Life is wonderful and fulfilling with you here dear
Originally Posted by tripwires View Post
True story.

Wearing a hoodie to play tennis? Why not? Or like, a warm up jacket that you don't take off because it's too cold. Maybe I'm using the word 'hoodie' wrongly...
My movement is severely restricted with any 'baggy' clothing.

Jogging bottoms = pants?
I wore 3/4 tights and the exposed parts of my legs were freezing.
Who told you that wearing 3/4s was a good idea in this weather?

Looks like you got trolled pretty hard.

I'm not. It's too cold.
Well I sweat

I've only played 3 times the whole time I've been here.

Where do you play?
At my local park .

Joined the tennis society at uni, but never gone to it
Bad thing about city campuses is the lack of sports facilities. I miss the awesome tennis courts at my uni in Singapore. We had 13.
This. So much this.

It's probably the most annoying aspect of my uni . 13,000 undergrads yet can't even have decent facilities.

I hate you.
Well I mean, you know, I just, noticed your 26 profile height, but are you aware of something called e-stat?

I wonder how far Bale would go with his clown batman voice if he was in the ACC
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