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Re: Gimpy vLove Shack vol. 3: Cool young Brits hub + their bros.

Originally Posted by IncrediBale View Post
Well if you really want to talk you can PM me ha
. Will PM.
Originally Posted by tripwires View Post

How did that expression come about?
Well maybe because once it was opposite day, and people started describing those who were sweating a lot like pigs because pigs don't sweat at all!!
Do you wear a hoodie

Is such a thing even possible?
and long pants
Yup wear jogging bottoms basically.

Sometimes shorts in the summer.
I don't sweat at all and it's really unnerving.
Tut, tut, you're really slacking.
Do you also have this problem where your hands are numb from the cold and you can't feel your bloody racquet?
Not really, probably because I'm used to it

Where do you play tennis? Are there any courts on your campus? There's none at mine

You have what it takes to be a Singaporean then.

It's sad, because it makes me realise how old I am.
How old are you? 30?
I think you're having a premature mid-life crisis. Sorry to burst your bubble.
A good thing since I've realised how valuable time is [been having this crisis for the past 7 years, srs].

Dark Knight.
TDKR coming out soon!!!
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